Friday Finds: 4 May

Happy May readers! I hope you all find some time to get outside this weekend and soak up some sunshine. This week I feel compelled to share photos of nature and animals in celebration of spring! I’ve also found an excellent site for free media file converting, as well as a few other finds falling in the realms of crafting and fashion. Enjoy!

Photo Finds

I am under the impression that this site,, was created for the sole purpose of making one’s heart melt. I found a great post on the site, of animals illuminated by the sun. The lighting is astounding and really makes one appreciative of all the amazing life on planet earth.

It’s not just exotic amphibians and cheetahs that look beautiful in this lighting, check out the massive American bucks below, as well as the elegant swan:

Tech Find: Media File Converters 

This site, which converts media files for free, would have been infinitely helpful when I was working on a video documentary about my time in Zambia! Though I haven’t used all the converters yet, mainly I’ve just used the video converter, it seems pretty simple. You select the type of file you want as an end product, click ‘go,’ and then you’re taken to a page where you enter the file you want to convert and specify conversion factors such as size, quality, rate, rotation [if applicable], etcetera.

Be careful to avoid the ads placed next to the explanatory text; this site requires no downloading of any software, but the ads are for free software downloads, and if you’ve been on Mashable lately it seems 1 in 5 Macs have malware, yikes!

Crafty Find: Homemade, Colorful Chalkboards

I love chalkboards in the home. They make for great wall art and are functional in the kitchen to make grocery lists, and in a home office//workspace for notes, to-do lists, and other reminders that you’ll be sure to notice. I found the craft I’m about to share through Stumble Upon. The craft is specifically for making your own colored chalkboard paint, but it also has recommendations for materials to cover in the paint that are easy to hang. Here is the finished product:

Check out the artists blog for more great crafting ideas:

Fashion Finds

My favorite seasons for fashion? Fall and spring, hands down. While fall offers the perfect weather for high boots, skinny jeans, and light sweaters…spring brings maxi dresses, light blouses, fun shoes [cork wedges], vibrant hues, and shorts!

I love the bohemian maxi dress below, from Revolve Clothing. The lace detail on the top makes it unique and eye-catching, while the belt adds even more details [notice the small tassel attached] and gives shape to the body wearing the item, love.

This semi-sheer blouse, from Forever21, is light and vibrant. I’m not completely sure why but I am fan of cut out shoulders, I think they add a small detail that makes a big impact.

The first thing I love about these Platform Oxford Heels, also a Forever21 find, are the fact that they’re only $29.80! Talk about a steal. Sure, they probably won’t make it to next season, but hey, for under 30 bucks, I’m not complaining! These shoes will be great for a night out or to wear to work.

Match them with some skinny jeans and a nice blouse during the day, and black leggings with a leopard print top, or a black romper and brown belt for the evening. I’m not crazy about animal prints, but when mixing black and brown leopard print is an easy go to for intentional black-brown blending. Check out for more tips about mixing black and brown!

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